The Project

Further Training in the area of Local Social Economy is not very much mainstreamed so far; its quality could be improved either. The objective of this project is to transfer an already successfully tested curriculum (CEST) in a way that multipliers individually can apply, assess and monitor it.
National relay stations in Germany, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom shall secure the transfer of the curriculum and the outcome of successful results.
Finally, this approach will benefit such disadvantaged people who search for and carry out good work in social economy organisations.

Theories, methodologies and instruments will be transmitted to potential multipliers in the mentioned countries to identify the conditions of transfer and to mainstream them in an intermediate process.
Outputs of the projects will be a handbook and an international conference on this subject through which other interested users can participate.
On the one hand the fragmentation of further training in the Local Social Economy will be overcome, on the other hand, sustainable structures of transmission will be institutionalised.

The partner organisations of the project are experts of further training for social enterprises and local development; they are already networking for a long time.
By identifying the conditions of transfer and the individual adaptation of the curriculum to the individual conditions in the countries and regions of our partners we promote the mainstreaming of good practice in this innovative area.
We also want to optimise the work of multipliers and by that achieve the improvement of life and work of people who were excluded from economic and social participation of society so far.
At the end of the day, an intermediate learning infrastructure which facilitates successful enterprise development will be available and at the same time an improved integration of people into the economy and society will be achieved.


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